Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ

Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to live only about 4 miles away from this great BBQ joint. And what a joint it is.

It’s been there since 1969. That’s a long time to have a restaurant in LA. Heck, one place I was just reading about in Alabama has been there since 1891! I’ve only been going there since the 90’s probably. And of course I mean the 1990’s.

It was one of the places I knew I was going to miss when I moved down to San Diego about seven years ago. I really don’t get back up to LA very often, but when I do, Hogly’s is ALWAYS on my list of places I must visit.

Their food has not changed all these years. And neither have most of their servers. After being away for a few years, I went there early in 2015 to turn my boyfriend onto the place. I was kinda shocked that our server Cindy, remembered me from years ago and even remembers that I was going on an audition to be a homeless woman! Cindy has worked there for 28 years.

Once you read most of my reviews, you hear me talk a lot about how much I love barbeque sauces. I don’t use them quite as much these days, as I’ve learned to appreciate the taste of the smoked meats more since I became a BBQ judge. But the gravy, not the sauces there, are what is so special about Hoglys. It’s thin, usually I don’t like thin. The servers call it a “gravy.” To me, it’s more like au jus you would dip a beef sando in, but it’s sweet. They also serve two sauces there, but I really don’t need or use them. For me at least, that’s saying a lot. It’s that good.

I have ordered the same dish for years there. I order their rib sandwich. This comes with about 3-4 very meaty, smoky and tender spare ribs. Served with a roll that normally I might not even eat in another establishment, but here it’s essential for dipping into their gravy. It soaks it so perfectly, it’s almost unforgettable. I do not leave even one drop of that gravy on the plate and a load of it comes poured over the top of the ribs.

It comes with one side. The only one I will order. And so far, I’ve never had ANY beans anywhere that compare to their beans. I mean really, they’re that good. I know this is becoming an overused term these days, but they are very much crack beans. I dream about them when I’m eating beans almost anywhere else.

Addictive beans!

Addictive beans!

Simple roll for sopping with

Simple roll for sopping with

That’s it. By that’s it, I mean I never really order anything else here. I think I tried some of their other meats years ago and I’m sure they were all very good, but I’m the rib girl and I stick to my ribs! This meal runs about $10. They have several different combos of meat dishes you can also order.

I also love their sweet potato pie. So delicious. I’ve also had their pecan pie and it’s quite decadent. I’ve never had their raspberry cheesecake.

They do smoke their meats, but they do not have a heavy smoke flavor. It’s just right. I never asked them what kind of wood they smoke with and their web site is so simple, it just cracked me up when it said they smoke with….firewood!

Hogly Menu inside 2

When I tell people the name of this place, they always want to know how it got their name. Johnny Greene was a former Piggly Wiggly delivery boy in Texas. Piggly Wiggly being a large grocery chain in down there. He was a big boy and his wife used to say, you’re not a Piggly Wiggly, you’re a Hogly Wogly! He then went into the career of being a pharmacologist, hence the Dr. in the name of the place. Cute story.

They also serve no salads, no burgers. They just concentrate on those smoked meats. They have won a lot of local accolades and score high in the Zagat guide.

They also serve brisket, ham, pork (pulled and sliced), beef ribs and hot links. It’s a pretty simple menu. Other side dishes include cole slaw, potato salad, macaroni salad and fries.

Some things never change and in this case, literally, thank goodness!

Open 7 days a week 11 am to 10 pm.

8136 Sepulveda Blvd.

Van Nuys, CA. 91402

8180-780-6701 or 818-782-2480

Dr. Hogly Wogly’s