My Podcasts

In 2017 and early 2018, I had two podcasts. All Forked Up with my co host, Michael Gardiner, the food critic for City Beat magazine here in San Diego. And the Hand To Mouth podcast with Marie Tahan Daniels. Here are the two Facebook links to them. They can also be found on Soundcloud and iTunes. The others were shows I was a guest on.

Coming soon: Barons BBQ Beat Podcast.

Just Forking Around Podcast-Host, Debi Saltzberg

#011 Smoke, Char and a Dry Rub with The Baroness of BBQ, Mercy Baron

#045 – Mercy Baron: Eating Hand to Mouth (in a Good Way)


Learn to BBQ podcast, with the late great host, Mike McKenize

LBBQ-020 An Interview With Mercy Baron From Barons BBQ Beat