Vista BBQ Classic, Vista CA 2015

This was my third time judging this event and my fourth one in Vista. It’s probably one of the closest BBQ comps to where I live and it is the largest one in the San Diego area. Pardon my fingers in the way of the video. first time doing it!

 64 teams and over 35 judges is what it takes to make this event successful. And let me tell you, it was hot!! Not just the food. Not just the great teams competing, I mean it was 95 freaking degrees hot out there! UGH! I could move back to the San Fernando Valley for this kind of abuse!

But once again, our fantastic judges and wonderful Kansas City Barbeque Society reps, Kelly and Kathleen McIntosh, make every BBQ event in Southern California a joy to attend. I can’t divulge too much of what goes on in the judging tent, but I will tell you that Mrs. McIntosh has her hands full with trying to get us judges to KEEP THE CHATTER DOWN PEOPLE!!! Seriously, we love to talk and talk and talk….and it’s usually about…hmmm…let me see…..BBQ, DUH!!

BBQ Blog pics 17

Now, of course we are not allowed to be talking at all while we are actually tasting what’s on our plate. Not a moan, not a groan. Poker faces are what we are supposed to have. My biggest problem isn’t that, it’s trying so hard NOT to lick my fingers after each yummy bite! This is a BIG NO NO! As we take our sample out of the box turned in by each team, it is passed around to the other judges at our table and you would be grossed out if you saw someone lick their fingers and then pull the next sample out of the box before they handed it to you!

But seriously, one of the things that I got into trouble for the most at school growing up was, being busted by the teacher for talking in class. Sigh…I just have too much to say I guess. Mrs. McIntosh has this cute chime she uses to get our attention to quiet down and dayum, it is extremely LOUD for a little thing!

I ventured out after the judging to talk and interview a few of the teams. Of course, we’re not allowed to talk to them at all before the comp. We do try to keep things very professional. Enjoy some of the videos here and please forgive my fingers for getting in the way!